Terms & Conditions

The following terms refer to all users or members of officeessential.co.uk which is owned exclusively by Office Essential Consultancy Ltd and in no way affects the rights of users of the website.

Office Essential is a free service for startups or Companies/Partnerships or businesses who have been trading three years or less.

Office Essential has carefully vetted each specialist we recommend and have ensured that all referral partners are suitable options for small business requirements based on each specialists experience, capacity and geographic proximity to the user.

While Office Essential has every confidence our members will provide potential clients/ customers with outstanding value, we cannot guarantee that a registered referral partner will not compromise their position by malpractice.

If Office Essential understands that a member has acted in an unethical way with any of our users/ members/visitors, an immediate internal investigation will begin and if necessary the members participation with Office Essential will be terminated.

Office Essential offer a completely free and unbiased consultancy service to the end user/ visitor. No finders fee, markup, referral fee or commission by recommending a suitable third party solution will occur at any time. This policy will remain throughout the lifetime of
Office Essential.

Office Essential reserves the right to deny access to any user/ visitor without notification
www.officeessential.co.uk is not to be used for any marketing purposes of any description and if persistent misuse of our service has been discovered we will take legal action.

Upon instructing us to do so, Office Essential will endeavour to pair you with local specialists in the service you require that are as close to you geographically as possible, and we promise to do this within 48 hours, however we cannot guarantee this due to unforeseen circumstance or situations beyond our control.

By utilising our Ask Wilson feature with your enquiry and submitting to an Office Essential consultant or registering as a client via our homepage registration facility you understand that while we make every effort to deal with your enquiry effectively we cannot guarantee we will provide you with a suitable company however we will notify you within 48 hours of receipt of your enquiry to inform you that on this occasion our search was unsuccessful.

The following terms relate to members who have a profile on www.officeessential.co.uk

The person making the contract is doing so with the full authority on behalf of the customer, or in (the case of the customer being a trading entity of another company) the customers legal owner, proprietor or holding company.

By paying the registration fee, the customer is accepting the terms and conditions and entering into a legally binding contract. Purchase Order Numbers are for the customer’s records only and the absence of a PO Number does not invalidate an order.

The fee to the customer to represent a single service on the website starting from £500 dependant on geographical area. Contracts length vary from 6 – 12 months. This is not including VAT. There are no further fees to pay. The designated coverage/postcode area is provided on an exclusive basis, no other providers of the same product/service will operate in the same area.

Our terms require payment in full, within seven days from date of order. Payment is accepted by a valid credit/debit card. Price discounts are strictly related to our terms of payment, and may be varied, subsequently, at the sole discretion of Office Essential Consultancy Ltd.

Once the payment is processed, the customer will receive a payment receipt, welcome letter, VAT receipt and a copy of our terms and conditions. A customers profile will be designed, compiled and uploaded on behalf of the customer by an administrator of Office Essential and we may require basic access to your company website to copy suitable logos, letterheads, literature, images, video and links to your social media to compile the profile page.

All payments will be subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer. If the issuer of your card refuses to authorise payment to us, then we will not be able to confirm your order and no contract will exist between us.

Office Essential agree to amend and update the profile with new content as often as you wish throughout the year at no additional cost.

Any suitable referrals we procure to customers from our clients requesting your services will be verbally given, and on the basis the customer agrees to contact the client we will then release the contact details of the client. We then will require your feedback within 48
hours to establish any progress.

Office Essential cannot predict or guarantee the projected number of startup clients requesting a service from a referral partner within any given area.
We monitor our member profiles constantly, and a customer will be contacted by one of our consultants if a profile is unfinished or out of date.

The referral partner will be responsible for keeping their profile relevant to our market and up to date at all times. Any change to your contact details or service must be amended on your profile. Office Essential will be responsible for these amendments on the referral
partners behalf. At no point will a referral partner be charged a fee for any amendments/ updates required at any time during the 12 month agreement.

A referral partners basic profile ( name, contact details, location ) will go live on www.officeessential.co.uk within 48 hours, however we cannot guarantee this due to unforeseen circumstance beyond our control.

The profile runs for a full 12 months from the day it goes live. You will be contacted on the eleventh month when we will conduct an assessment and if both parties conclude that the relationship has been of mutual benefit you will be offered the opportunity to maintain your profile with Office Essential for a second year, however neither party is obliged to represent each other for a second year.

We do not offer any refunds,so please do your diligence before signing up to Office Essential.

Office Essential reserves the right to terminate a contract at any time with a referral partner and remove their profile from the website if at any point the referral partner has either; a) mistreated a potential startup client by not providing a quote on request, failing to respond
to a startup client, using aggressive or ‘sharp practice’ selling or charging a fee for an initial consultation ( unless a fee is understood and agreed by the startup prior to the appointment ) or referring the startup client to a third party that has no association to Office Essential or b) the referral partner fails to contact Office Essential directly with any potential dispute.

All calls are recorded for staff training and security purposes.