November 2017 Edition Your Knotty People Problems-Cherington HR

Last month Cherington HR exhibited at the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber Expo at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern. We had lots of visitors to the stand and so I would like to welcome all the new readers this month who signed up at the event.

Visitors to the stand were invited to submit a knotty problem for me to solve. These were wide and varied: they included questions on managing the absence of an employee who had mental health issues; to dealing with difficult conversations about an employee with hygiene issues; managing demanding employees; and calculating annual leave for someone working a very unusual shift pattern, amongst others. Thank you to all those who took part.

In this edition of the newsletter you will find updates that may be of interest relating to general employment law issues. I also have a guest blog from Worcestershire Association of Carers about the benefits of an accreditation scheme for employers who support employees with caring responsibilities.

If you have any queries about any of these items or would like to discuss a people management problem you are struggling with at the moment please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A Death in the Family?

Currently there is no right for UK employees to take paid bereavement leave. There is a right to take a ‘reasonable’ amount of unpaid time off to deal with an emergency involving a dependant, but there is nothing specific to help employees grieve. Some employers provide paid bereavement leave as part of their benefits package, but there is no legal requirement to do so.

However, a new parental bereavement bill has been presented to Parliament. Read more
Confused by GDPR? New ICO Helpline Launched
By now you should be aware that the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are coming into force in May next year. You will have heard lots of people saying that you should take action and there are some lists available with general headings on what this means – but as yet there is very little detail, so you may be thinking, “What do I actually have to do?”

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How cyber-secure are your staff?

You may have put all your firewalls and spam filters in place and had your cyber security review sorted, and ticked that off your “To do” list, but that is just the start of ensuring that your business is not affected by cybercrime.

The weakest link may not be your IT systems, but your people systems. How many of us click on links that look interesting when browsing or using social media such as Facebook? It can become a habit – clicking on links without thinking where that might be taking you and one that employees may also carry on at work. If your IT systems are robust, they should prevent access to a dangerous link. But it is a constant battle between the cyber criminals and those who sell their security software. The security software is always having to catch up – and who wants to be the first to have their systems infected with a “new” virus? Not me.

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Guest Blog: Developing Carer Friendly Workplaces

Nearly 1 in every 8 workers in the UK is a carer and close to 70% of carers have quit work or reduced their hours due to the stress of juggling work with care. Changing demographics and an ageing population mean that 3 in 5 of us will end up looking after a loved one at some point in our lives. Illness, an accident or the deterioration of an existing condition are rarely planned for – becoming a carer can happen at any time.

Supporting carers across the workforce isn’t just good for employees; it’s good for business too. Research shows that supporting staff to effectively juggle their home and work life, and continue in employment, holds valuable benefits for the business, including:

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