How not to manage your staff!-February 2018 Cherington HR

Onwards and Upwards?

How many of your Business New Year’s Resolutions are still intact? We are now a month into the New Year and all the resolutions that you made with the best of intentions to deal with those knotty people problems may now seem somewhat distant. But leaving a problem to fester will just make it worse or more costly to solve. This edition of the newsletter covers some of the things that can go wrong if the HR procedures are not followed properly or the implications of decisions have not been thought through fully.

So if you still have some of those problems still waiting to be tackled, don’t delay; get in touch today and get help to move forwards.

Tread carefully with potential disabilities

A recent case decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) concluded that an employer had unlawfully rejected a non-disabled job applicant because her condition could become a disability in the future. They found that she had suffered direct discrimination because the employer… Read more

Get the Basics Right: Poor Communication leads to Unfair Dismissal

A tribunal has ruled that an assistant store manager at a Poundland store who lost his job for handing out free items to customers was unfairly dismissed as a result of poor communication by the employer and a lack of a clear disciplinary process. Read more

Fit for Work: Not fit for Purpose!

You may have missed the Government announcement that they are ending the “Fit for Work” assessment service on 31 March 2018 in England and Wales and 31 May 2018 in Scotland due to low referral rates.

The Fit for Work assessment service was introduced in September 2015, and gave both employers and general practitioners the power to refer employees for a free occupational health assessment. At the same time, the Government removed the reimbursement of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) to employers so they could fund this initiative because they argued that the money was better spent getting people back to work. Read more

Lying to be “kind”can get you into trouble!

Sometimes employers tell me that they want to dismiss an employee for a specific reason, but want to soften the blow (e.g. if they dont want to hurt theemployees feelings by saying they are not very good at their job and dismiss for capability) so ask if perhaps they can make the post redundant instead as they feel that is kinder. However, this is not a good idea as Brightside Group Ltd. found out. Read more

Keeping up to date

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