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Back to School!

We’re at the beginning of September and businesses are starting to return to normal after the school holidays. We now have just under four months before the end of the year to focus on sales and productivity before the next big holiday break. So how will you motivate your staff to keep their focus throughout that period? In one of the articles below, I look at the sort of staff benefits you might consider introducing to help motivate and engage your employees.

In addition you will find updates that may be of interest relating to other employment law issues. If you have any queries about any of these or would like to discuss a people management problem you are struggling with at the moment please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Want to win an hour of free HR Advice?

As a finalist at this year’s Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce Awards, Cherington HR is exhibiting at the Expo at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern on Thursday October 5th. All visitors to the Cherington HR stand will have the opportunity to win an hour’s free consultancy, so if you have a knotty people problem that you’re wrestling with come and visit us there to see how we can help.

There are over 120 exhibitors and they are expecting over 800 visitors. Entry and parking are free and to book… Read more

Errors affect workplace pensions for NOW:Pensions

At the end of July it was reported that Now Pensions, one of the top three providers of workplace pensions in the UK with 1.3 M members across 26,000 employer schemes, was asked to leave the list of approved providers by The Pensions Regulator after problems in its systems meant that some employer contributions were not passed on to the ultimate managers of the money. Read more

Calm down dear! Be careful what you say

The Court of Appeal has recently ruled that BAE Systems must pay a former secretary £360,000 after one of its managers made a ‘clumsy’ comment that triggered a period of mental ill-health that ended her employment.

The secretary, Marion Konczak, had worked for the company for 9 years until she was dismissed in July 2007. She was based at one of their locations near Preston and was in the liaison team that worked with officers from the Royal Saudi Air Force. Originally she had got on well with the officers but became unhappy with changes to their staff and had made claims that she had been bullied and harassed including incidents of sexual harassment. Read more

Blog Post: Motivation – one size doesn’t fit all

When it comes to encouraging your staff to be productive, there is no one magic solution. It will depend on many factors such as pay; working conditions; annual leave allowances; flexibility with regards to working hours; supervision; variety of activities; ability to control some aspects of the job; as well as where the employee is in their career etc. Those just starting out will have very different ideas about what they value to those of us who have been working for decades!

However, recently I have been asked by several clients about the sort of benefits that they can offer to their employees. There are pros and cons to all of them and it will depend on whether you are using the benefits as a means to incentivise or reward people. For example, gym membership or shopping discount schemes may only appeal to certain employees. Certainly some of the schemes previously offered by some employers are no longer viable with the government’s removal of some salary sacrifice benefits. Read more

How else can I help? A case in point

I may have provided you or your business with some HR assistance over the last few years, but some of my clients are not fully aware of the wide range of support that Cherington HR can provide. To give you an idea of the types of people problems I have helped resolve, I have published some case studies on the Cherington HR website.
These are all based on genuine situations that I have dealt with, but they have been carefully anonymised to preserve the identity of the clients and their employees. So if you want to find out more, or are just curious about what other employers and their employees get up to… Read more

Guest Article: How do I ensure my non-English speaking employee has a fair hearing?
Sue Clark of the Kidderminster-based translation and interpretation company Midland Technical Translations (UK) Ltd. has recently written a very useful article about communicating with employees whose first language is not English – particularly when dealing with HR issues. The article can be found on her website here.

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