kyle-doouss-picEstablished in 1975, Brookhouse is part of the Half Moon Group and provides inspiring workplace solutions including; furniture, fit out and refurbishment for both the education and commercial sector. Our fresh and inspiring ideas together with our experience and customer focused approach helps transform your workspace to create innovative working areas. After all your surroundings set the atmosphere and atmosphere gets the results – whatever your organization. We offer the complete package. From concept to completion we give you complete peace of mind.

When you plan your new office fit out you need to consider 5 things.

When reviewing the interior of your office or commercial environment you need to consider03-eclipse-deskingr5 much more than just a work space for your employees and clients. It needs to be carefully planned to bring together the dynamic needs of the business while conveying a strong corporate message. By making the interior design work for your business you will bring a new dimension to your business environment.

1)  Does the estimate cover all angles?

There are so many elements to a fit-out project it is very important to ensure that all aspects have been included in the estimate. Make sure you check the estimate carefully using a step by step analysis and have an understanding of what has been included in the estimate. If anything is not clear then ask for clarification and insist that this is included in the final estimate before signing off. By following this process you can eliminate the unwelcome possibility of unexpected charges. Some of the key points it should cover are:

  • The initial design briefimg_0879
  • Full specified plans
  • An assessment of the current building
  • How and when the material will be delivered
  • How the project will be managed
  • How the construction phase will proceed

By ensuring that the initial quote covers all aspects of the project and provides sufficient detail to avoid any ambiguity, will allow you to accurately budget for the project and confidently include this in the Company’s financial forecasts. An accomplished fit-out Company will provide a comprehensive estimate so that you have a clear understanding of what you are committing to, thus minimising the img_0117possibility of additional costs.

2)  How is the design in keeping with your branding?

Creating a vibrant and functional workspace is only part of the story. When considering the design always check it against your corporate values and style. It is good practice to view your office design as another extension to your overall marketing programme. The following are some of the points that are worth considering:

  • Make sure it expresses your Company values
  • Includes your Company vision and signature to reinforce your message
  • The inclusion of colours that are associated with your Brand
  • Does it look good?

When you engage with an experienced fit-out Company be prepared to discuss your branding, your vision and your values as an organisation. By taking this approach it will enable the designer to weave your own identity and requirements into a coordinated scheme that both works for the business and also sends a powerful message to both customers and staff alike. By aligning these Company attributes with your design it will result in an office environment that is instantly associated with your Company. This becomes especially img_0100powerful when you have multiple sites.

3)  How Efficient is the Office Design?

The way the space is arranged within your office needs to take into account the functional needs of your staff and visitors. You will need to consider any specific systems you will have to incorporate. This includes where the printers are best located so as to avoid unnecessary staff movements. You will also need to think about any requirements for separate offices, private areas and break out provisions. The welfare of staff is also an important consideration and the inclusion of tea points etc. must be included in any brief.

When incorporating these into the design the following factors need to be taken into account:

  • The location of lights/switches and windowsimg_0085
  • The provision of power sockets and network points
  • The location of heating vents and thermostats
  • How will the room be ventilated?
  • Where will ducts and fans be located?
  • Where will the air-conditioning units be sited?

There will need to be sufficient light and cabled services to meet the everyday requirements of your staff. The main HVAC systems will need to have been specified to provide for both the current demand and also any potential expansion in the future. By doing this you will be ensuring that you maintain a comfortable working environment for all your staff going into the future. You can accomplish this level of outcome by working with an experienced fit-out Company that has the necessary expertise available to design an efficient and effective solution. Just imagine how this will assist your staff in giving their very best whatever the outside climate.
4)  How will you ensure that IT and Telecoms are successfully transferred?img_0714

If your fit-out project involves relocating to a new location you will need to prepare a plan to include all elements of the moving process so as to make it as seamless as possible. One area that is vitally important is the uninterrupted migration of your IT and Telecom systems.

An experienced fit-out specialist will know how to facilitate your technology into a new location without disturbing your communication systems. This will allow you to maintain continuous connection with your customers so that as far as they are concerned nothing has changed. To do this successfully requires careful planning well in advance of the move.

The possibility of disruptions can be avoided by creating a robust migration plan that has been challenged be the key personnel who are part of the relocation. By taking this approach you can ensure that you maintain the highest level of continuity at every stage of the office refurbishment.

5)  Is the scheme legally compliant?

Finally; every business has a responsibility to provide a workplace that complies with all img_0108relevant Government legislation. The following areas should be specifically considered:

  • Electrical systems are safe
  • The workspace sufficient space per person
  • The provision of fire alarms & extinguishers
  • The provision of an ergonomic environment
  • Welfare

The time to think about safety and staff welfare is during the planning process by incorporating safe thinking and considerate provisions into the design. By making provision for this aspect early in the process you will be able to incorporate best practice into the design. This ensures that all legislation is complied with and more importantly, staff are kept safe, comfortable and well cared for resulting in a confidence that will enhance performance.


By taking into account all the points detailed above you will be able to ensure that your next img_0731office move and fit-out is competed to your full expectations, that it is complaint, a pleasure to work in and within budget. It will create an inspiring workspace that enables all your staff to give their very best every day.

Brookhouse are very experienced in delivering on client’s expectations by combining their considerable fit-out experience with a creative flair that will bring your new workspace to life.



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