Join Us

If you are a Company or Business which provides services or products to Small Business people or Startups and you think you can help our clients within your region, contact one of our consultants for further details to see if you are eligible to join.

We work alongside a limited number of specialists in any one service per geographical region, so please check your region for availability.

Criteria for becoming a featured Office Essential member are as follows:

You must have a proven track record of at least two years experience in the small B2B/startup market.

You are actively in the process of expanding your portfolio and have the capacity over the next twelve Months to assist and support new customers/ clients.

All work or services you agree to supply to our clients you guarantee will be done by your Company or business and you will NOT outsource to a third party that has no affiliation with Office Essential.

You will have the correct insurance/ accreditation’s required to perform the services you do.

You must be able to serve our clients within a minimum 20 mile radius of your Company location with a maximum boundary of 45 miles.

You must have a contact email and have the ability to respond to customer enquiries within 48 hours.

All of your Company contact details including your editorial content must be correct at all times. For more in-depth information regarding your Company profile, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Here at Office Essential, we are proud to showcase the very best of local, experienced specialists who work hard to provide a competitive and transparent service to their small business community. If you feel you can make a positive contribution to our service and you fit the criteria outlined above, we hope you will consider your participation to make our service even better, now and for many years to come.