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lucy and jasonJason and Lucy set Quarsh up in 2010 to solve problems relating to getting the right people into a business. Since then we’ve dealt with quite a few, and none are the same! It’s the common theme that holds all of our colleagues together; we all get a huge kick out of recruitment working better. We keep on top of all of the wonderful new innovations in recruitment and choose the best ones depending on what our clients need.

We hear over and again that recruitment can be a problem. Sorting it out can distract from core HR issues and needs specialist skills. We spend our lives making recruitment work beautifully, and if your problem is a new one we’ll bend over backwards to find the solution and get things working well.

There’s a lot more to good recruitment than putting up an advert. People meet us because they’ve started looking at recruitment and realised they’ve opened Pandora’s Box. We design and run individual projects and recruitment processes that meet all of your needs and continue to evolve as your needs change.

What’s It Like?

“I’ve never worked with such a talented, balanced bunch of individuals. They make everything look so easy!” – Lucy James, Managing Director

It’s always awkward writing about yourself and the great things that you do. With that being said, the team at Quarsh can only be described as an amazing bunch, who work hard for a common goal.

Our office? It’s quirky and laid back, but we’re a hard-working team. The office has a great culture, and there’s always something going on. We have a relaxed environment where everyone pitches in when something needs doing, and Bletchley Park is a great office location.


Quarsh-Exclusive To The MK Postcode

01908 889 718

What we can help with:

  • HR queries – supporting your growth is our goal, be that contractual issues, updating or creating policies and handbooks or even advice on a standalone HR query.
  • Audit your HR and Recruitment process – align where the successes are, and help to remove any issues flagged.
  • Employer branding, where we turn your value’s into an overall company culture and nurture your identity.
  • Social media HR consulting. Once you have established your brand, we can show you how to showcase that online.
  • HR training. If you have a question, we have an answer. That’s a promise.
  • Talent warehousing – proactively source your contacts into a resource pool for future hiring.
  • Onsite recruitment pay-on-delivery pilot – we want to make sure you never have to resort to recruitment agencies in your growth.
  • Experience – we have been there and done it – we know how to get your business to where it needs to be.

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