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I know I told you this before. One of the many reasons why I enjoy working with you is that not only do we get the Active ‘attention to detail’ and ‘smile’, I also trust that when we request for a quote you have already done your best to make sure that it is a ‘WIN-win’ situation (the big WIN is our side, of course). I don’t have to ask again if this is the best price. And, when a better price comes along, you let us know as well.A big Thank You. Rest assured I will continue to think of Active Technology as my true business partner.

JM, extremely satisfied customer A very well-known and fruitful multinational iComputer company


Just a brief note to thank you so much for your caring and competent service when I was in the market for a complete computer system. Not only did you recommend the best software for my use, but also installed it so I had an idiot-proof start to my learning curve.I also need to thank you for being so supportive to my paraplegic friends when they chose to purchase a computer system from you. It is a great comfort to know that there is a customer friendly computer business in Aylesbury that gives friendly and trustworthy service.

Enid Beck MBIM MIMgt MECI Abbeyfield


Actopia Communications Ltd-Exclusive To The HP & MK Postcodes

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The History
Active Technology van outside The Friary on Rickfords Hill in Aylesbury

In 1993 Darran Hamer formed Active Technology, now the computer maintenance, IT support and repair arm of the Actopia group of companies. In later years it was joined by other brands such as Active MediaForge, for Internet and web solutions, and Active PC, a computer building and sales department. In 2003, and what now appears to be a 10-year cycle, the company adapted to the growth it was experiencing and the name Actopia came to encompass these three brands, and it was no mistake that this name sounds like utopia. Now in its third decade, Actopia is adapting once more to a changing marketplace and economy by embracing new technologies, like VoIP, to continue to be the only resource for your technology needs.

The Actopia Way

We believe that information is the blood of business, where the computers, phones and networks are the heart and arteries that move it around. Just as clogged arteries or a malfunctioning heart can lead to serious complications, so can a badly implemented or unreliable IT system. We think far too many Internet and technology companies have lost sight of the human element of business. When you work with Actopia you’ll discover that we focus on the customer as much as we focus on the technology—after all, it can only be as good as the people who deliver it.

A business phone system in the cloud

TritonVoIP offers incredible features, flexibility and savings

Must-have features

Google Nexus 7 docked with Bria VoIP app.Cisco IP Phone with attendant console.
  • Zero upfront capital cost
  • Short-term contract
  • Free Cisco IP phone as standard
  • Enterprise grade IVR and routing etc.
  • As many concurrent calls as seats
  • Free VoIP-to-VoIP calls
  • Instantly scalable, up or down
  • Outbound call monitoring wallboard
  • Use your extension anywhere in an iOS/Android app
  • Data centre in Germany for maximum security and reliability

Business Telephony. Evolved.

Our phones look and operate in much the same way as any other business phone. It has a keypad that you dial the same old telephone numbers into, and a handset that you can talk into and listen with. No surprises there. But these phones take your voice, and turn it into lots of little chunks of data, that can then be transmitted over the Internet. It’s similar in principle to how your computer takes your typed words and sends those over the Internet in the form of email. As the little chunks of data can travel anywhere over the Internet for free, the costs of calling have been slashed, in much the same way that email slashed the cost of sending faxes or letters.

All your telephones are connected to our service, which is ‘in the cloud’ (in the cloud means based, or hosted on the internet). This is in a similar vein to how your computers email programs are connected to an Internet Service Providers email system. Our service runs on dedicated servers in Germany, running carrier-grade software. This is the hub of our call routing, and effectively it replaces the age-old PBX, which means you no longer have need for an old-fashioned, expensive to maintain and run box in your business.

But most importantly, when you make a call with Actopia, everything feels, works and sounds exactly as you’re already used to. Even your telephone numbers stay the same.

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Logo: Active Technology.Emblem: Over 20 years of excellence.



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