Print Design, Branding, Advertising, Web Design, Exhibitions, Creative Strategy, Animation, Corporate Video Filmmaking. We work with all sizes and shapes of client, from small start-up businesses to national organisations. Take a look at our portfolio section to see examples of our work. We get to know our clients and their product or service, before helping them fulfil its potential. We help them communicate with their target audience. We make them look more impressive. We help them win business. We help them sell products. We do this by producing graphic design that creates an impact, really makes a difference and provides a tangible benefit.

We design and produce all manner of printed material including annual reviews/annual reports, sales literature, catalogues, direct mail and stationery. As well as these items we also design and host websites, design exhibition material and stands as well as source and manage branded merchandise. There is very little with regard to the visual presentation of your company or organisation that we can’t help with. We are based in Cardiff, south Wales but serve the whole of the UK… and beyond

Our Questions

1) When did you realise you wanted to go into business for yourself?

It came about when I was was taking stock of my career at a time when I’d been working within a design consultancy for about 5 years. I realised that people value the relationships they build with trusted partners. I came to understand that people buy from people, that it’s not just your ability to provide a service but the understanding of their business that you build up over time, that gives them the confidence to put their faith in you on an ongoing basis. Understanding this and realising that I had the skill sets required to do it for myself, prompted me to take the leap.

2) Were you confident you would succeed or were you nervous of failing?

I don’t recall ever thinking that I might fail. Having supportive friends and family around made a big difference. I knew that I had gained all the right experience from working for other companies previously. I learned a lot from previous employers – both in terms of how to do things well, but also a few things not to do! Making sure to ‘add value’ to the service you provide gives you confidence that what you’re doing is valuable.

3) Did you seek advice from your family or friends? Did anyone close to you suggest it was a bad idea to go into business for yourself or did you receive a lot of support?

Family were very supportive and I don’t remember anybody casting doubt over my decision to start the business. There may have been comments about me being ‘brave’ but nobody tried to talk me out of it. I also used what advice was available through government funded sources. The help and advice is there to be used so it’s worth taking advantage of.

4) What was the biggest obstacle you had to face and overcome in order to start your business?

Having self belief was crucial. I had to believe that I had something to offer my clients that was equal to, if not exceeding what my competition could provide. While providing graphic design consultancy is a creative process, it is also a service business involving customer service and care. Being able to manage workload, understand clients, respond to their needs proactively and efficiently, are all part of the skill set required in running the business. On top of these practical considerations you also need to be creative and innovative with the solutions we provide. That’s what makes it such an exciting and interesting industry to be part of.

5) Do you remember your first customer and can you recall how you felt when you delivered what they were prepared to pay you for?

It was my first customer that gave me the belief and confidence that the business could be viable. When you discuss a brief with a client, respond to their needs creatively and then work with them to complete the project, there is a great feeling of satisfaction from receiving a call or email from a client, and you know that you’ve exceeded their expectations. There’s great satisfaction in seeing a project come to fruition, whether that is a branding project for a startup business, or a product launch for a multi-national business

6) What would be the ONE thing you would do differently and where do you see your business in five years time?

It’s not so much about doing anything differently, but I would have liked to be in a position where I had started the business with someone else. As a single director it’s a lonely time sometimes, making all the decisions and carrying all the pressure of taking the business forward. As the business grows of course, you have the opportunity to share some of that responsibility with the people you bring into the business and delegation and sharing of ideas is something I’ve adopted whenever I can.

7) What would be your advice to any startup or to anyone thinking of going into business for themselves?

First of all enjoy it. There will be times when it’s a lot of hard work, but if you’re doing it for the right reasons, you should be able to enjoy running your business and you’ll reap the benefits further down the line. I would advise anybody starting a business to make good use of those around you, whether they are friends, colleagues or professional advisers such as accountants. Don’t ever think that you have all the answers. There are always other opinions and people who have more knowledge in certain areas than you do.

Finally – establish what your values and aims are within the business and stick to them as a guide for decisions you make as the business grows.

We would like to thank Bleddyn Edwards for submitting this article for our readers!