Flexible Telecommunications services from Alliance Communications

Alliance specialise in helping start-up businesses with every aspect of their telecommunications needs. For any new business it’s important they you present a professional image to your customers and have access to functionality which will help your business grow, but at the same time this needs to be cost effective and flexible so services can adapt as your business requirements change.

With this in mind Alliance can provide you with smart and flexible solutions which can grow with your business, so you only pay for the size and type of service that you need at the start, but can grow as your business develops. You will always have a single point of contact to manage all your needs and all our contracts can be flexible with no commitments longer than 2 years, all invoiced on a single monthly bill. We have the flexibility to provide you with the exact solution to meet your business needs and can bespoke services to ensure you have the right service for your business. In summary we provide the following solutions:

Phone systems

Either in-house phone systems or Hosted (cloud) systems we have a range of solutions for every business need. These can be installed and managed across the UK.

Internet Connectivity

A range of solutions from ADSL, BT Fibre, Virgin Superfast and dedicated internet Leased Lines, through our wide range of network partners we can provide the most competitive solution for your business.

BT Lines and SIP Trunks

As a BT Openreach partner we can provide all of BTs lines and services for you, fully managed and invoiced by Alliance on flexible short contracts.


A range of mobile packages on all of the UK networks. We provide flexible 30 day contracts and provide a fully managed service

We also provide a range of additional services (cabling, WiFi etc) just ask as I’m sure we can help.

Our 7 Questions

1) When did you realise you wanted to go into business for yourself?

Having reached a senior level with an independent telecoms company I reralaised that I was pretty much doing everything needed to run the business, but without any of the personal rewards. This was when I realised that I had the skills and vision to start my own business and grow it.

2) Were you confident you would succeed or were you nervous of failing?

I was always nervous of failing, you need this as it will help drive you forward, being comfortable with where you are is a dangerous place, always keep focused on growing the business and have a clear vision with realistic targets.

3) Did you seek advice from your family or friends? Did anyone close to you suggest it was a bad idea to go into business for yourself or did you receive a lot of support?

Get as much support and advice as possible, you can discard the bits which are not relevant, but you’ll certainly get some great advice, support and introductions

4) What was the biggest obstacle you had to face and overcome in order to start your business?

Raising the relevant finance with the bank to launch the business.

5) Do you remember your first customer and can you recall how you felt when you delivered what they were prepared to pay you for?

Yes it was a taxi company, I remember feeling really existed that they bought into Alliance and trusted that we will deliver the services they require. They are still a customer now 12 years later.

6) What would be the ONE thing you would do differently and where do you see your business in five years time?

There are a few things we spent money on which were a bit of a waste of time, but at the same time you have to try things. In 5 years time we will still be delivering the same great service with an even bigger range of solutions and services.

7) What would be your advice to any startup or to anyone thinking of going into business for themselves?

Have a clear vision of why customers are going to buy your services, set yourself realistic targets, focus on as many ways as possible to reach your customers, communicate your services and sell, sell, sell.

We would like to thank Miles Watson  for submitting this article for our readers!



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