In2HR has now been helping SME’s for 13 years and with over 100 clients we have experience in many industries and sectors of commerce. As you will find, running a small business there are endless lists of things to do and if you need to employ staff that will also include being an employment expert. So if that is not how you want to spend your time, then we can help you with that area of your new business.

What we can do for you?
In2HR provides telephone / email advice and guidance to your queries and question about employees and employment
We provide a wide range of HR solutions to include the following:-​

  • Guidance in managing disciplinary and grievance situations and/or on-site support at employee meetings
  • Assisting with employee sickness queries for both short and long term issues
  • Answering holiday queries that arise
  • Helping with your maternity, paternity, parental leave questions
  • Appraisals and training guidance and advice
  • Assistance and support for a forthcoming meeting with an employee
  • Advising on terms and conditions of employment
  • Updating your contracts of employment
  • Updating / drafting employment policies and handbooks

So we can help you today if you:-

  • have a one-off employment issue you would like some advice on
  • you have a project you would like us to undertake such as an HR audit,
  • you are looking to outsource your HR

Our costs start from £22.00 + VAT per ten minutes of advice and your first ten minutes are free – so why not call or email us next time you have an employment query!

What our clients say

A client recently said

 one of the best things is the peace of mind it has given me knowing there is a specialist at the end of the phone who has the latest information and who can advise us what we should be doing in any given circumstance. As a small business this has freed up our time to concentrate on other issues.

Alison Mackay, Waldon Office Furniture

Our Questions

1) When did you realise you wanted to go into business for yourself?

Prior to starting the business I had quite a few friends with small businesses and every time I would see them, they would have an HR question for me about one of their employees. I began to realise there was a gap in the market for affordable, non-legal employment advice for small businesses….and In2 HR was born!

2) Were you confident you would succeed or were you nervous of failing?

I think you are always nervous that a new venture may not work but having done quite a bit of research and got the business up and running I was lucky to get my first client within a few months of starting. After that, I felt more confident that the business would be successful.

3) Did you seek advice from your family or friends? Did anyone close to you suggest it was a bad idea to go into business for yourself or did you receive a lot of support?

I talked to a number of friends and family and everyone thought it was a good idea as there were not many alternatives around.

4) What was the biggest obstacle you had to face and overcome in order to start your business?

I had not worked for myself before so there was a lot I had to learn about marketing, getting clients and running a business. I am not a natural salesperson so the prospect of going to a sales meeting use to fill me with dread, but the more confident you are about your business and your offering, the easier it is to overcome the obstacles.

5) Do you remember your first customer and can you recall how you felt when you delivered what they were prepared to pay you for?

Yes I think you always remember your first real, paying customer. They were a reasonably sized small business with 50 employees and as they had grown to such a sixe they need someone to assist with all of the HR paperwork that was created from 50 employees. We agreed that I would go to their offices one day a week to help get them sorted out. It was great to be able to impart my knowledge and experience from working within big companies, out to a smaller company and feel that it would really make a difference.

6) What would be the ONE thing you would do differently and where do you see your business in five years time?

I would have done a lot more networking whilst I was still working to see what is available, how it works and to understand that getting clients can take a while.

7) What would be your advice to any startup or to anyone thinking of going into business for themselves?

Be clear and honest about the reasons you want to go into business and do your research. If all of those boxes are a ticked and you are still happy with the decision, then give it a try!


We would like to thank Nicki Kempston  for submitting this article for our readers!


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