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Office Essential is a one-stop solution for everything your Company will require to reach your potential. We have over 15 years experience in business to business consultancy, with a network of outstanding small business advisers, suppliers and marketing experts who share our vision of providing a transparent, down to earth but efficient solution to entrepreneurs.

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How not to manage your staff!-February 2018 Cherington HR

Onwards and Upwards? How many of your Business New Year’s Resolutions are still intact? We are now a month into the New Year and all the resolutions that you made with the best of intentions to deal with those knotty people problems may now seem somewhat distant. But leaving a problem to fester will just make it worse or more costly to solve. This edition of the newsletter covers some of the things that can go wrong if the ...

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I would just like to say thank you for contacting me and offering your help and support in getting my Chiropody Podiatry & Sports Massage Business on the road to success. You have been most helpful in putting me in contact with local accountancy firms, Website construction and Business development consultancy.
David Kirby

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